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NYFW: Emerging Colors for Spring

February 17, 2022

 Emerging Colors for Spring: Out with the old & In with Bold

New York Fashion Week has brought the emergence of fresh silhouettes and colors from all of our favorite designers. Not only are the pastels of years past making their way out, but Spring 2022 is bringing both muted and bold looks for the fashionable Gen-Z to strut through the city in. For this post, we’ll focus on the looks brought forth by Christian Siriano and Laquan Smith. Collections by these designers are showcasing a new age in fashion in which the best years are no longer behind us, as the years lost to the pandemic fade reluctantly into the background. Smith’s collection speaks to the youth and the future of night out for the 21-year-old quarantine adults while Siriano represents the transition into sophisticated chic that has also taken place for many over 25’s – a new era of long vacations in all-inclusive resorts. A deep dive into each collection will show what to expect from 2022 in terms of Spring trends. 

Laquan Smith is a 33-year-old Black luxury designer based in New York City. His looks have influenced culture and microtrends specifically over the last two years. This is important when considering the possible influence this new line might have in the upcoming months. Smith is able to toe the line of a Dune-esque silhouette while serving looks reminiscent of a Studio-54 this generation has never experienced. A feeling of longing for a time never experienced is encapsulated in this collection; fitting for the times we are currently living in. 

The explosion of color spread throughout the show offers a reprieve from the muted tones that remind us of the dystopian state of our society. Smith almost makes the assertion that through all the brown and beige – there’s royal blue. Skin is on display in the 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection Smith debuted late last year – the inclusion of fishnets and skin tight fabrics holds promising possibilities for the party girl of spring and her wardrobe. This collection for Spring 2022 looks toward a resurgence of indie sleaze (e.g., hot pants) while paying homage to the it-girl style we’ve all missed while quarantining. 


Christian Siriano however, is speaking to a more sophisticated crowd. With subversive cutouts and shapes, Siriano isn’t just serving old school style – there’s a modern touch to the looks presenting and the bold colors complement this debut. The use of buttons and dots also adds a playful aura to the clothes that detract from the would-be boring silhouettes of some of the pieces. For the most part however, Siriano does not shy away from color or shape – a bright green is introduced ¼ way through the show and adds a chic lens to the entire collection.


Siriano’s pieces are far from repetitive although at times they can remind the viewer of an overdone vacation dress. The addition of puffy pieces adds more fun to the collection but does little to detract from the black hole of mesh that is the middle of the show. Siriano will have an impact on the Spring trends, as we are seeing now, with mossy greens ushering in through microtrends and puffy dresses making a comeback outside of prom pages. Overall, a very fun collection that forgets itself at times but still ushers in a more sophisticated look book and pattern for older crowds to follow. 

With this is mind, we can expect less fabric on younger girls and an added fun layer of puff to older women or vise versa. The best part about fashion is there's no age limit. The enticing colors and fabrics serve to invite a plethora of people of all ages to take part in the upcoming trends as seen in these Ready-to-Wear collections. For Spring, keep an eye out for both skin tight and puffy designs but for sure, step out of your comfort zone by adding some color back to the wardrobe. Say so long to the beiges and grays of pandemic life, step into the greens and blues of freedom.