About us

About SKCoutue

Welcome to SKCouture, where "Being Classy Is A Lifestyle".

Founder Sania King love for fashion and style was introduced at a very young age when she began a career in modeling. After successfully entering a number of modeling competitions, Sania retires from modeling. Sania made a decision to venture into the world of "Creating Fashion" for ALL the confident fashion forward women who are constantly expressing themselves through bold, daring and unique ways, by launching her e-boutique SKCoutue.

SKCouture carries top quality styles and designs. Our mission is to provide 100% satisfactory customer service by understanding our customer's needs to the fullest extent. SK pride herself in knowing exactly what the latest fashion trends and styles are that will have the most leading woman across the world wardrobe to the next level of glam.

"Let Being Classy Your Lifestyle" - SKCouture